Appalachia Summer/Fall 2021

In This Issue

The Story of Scar Ridge: A trailless tangle in the southern White Mountains - Steven D. Smith

Off-Trail at Home: Bushwhacking around Mount Cardigan - Sandy Stott

Preparing: A wrong turn, a dangerous river, and an absent partner - Rachel Curtis

The Mount Marshall Marathon: Four decades later, walking back up a streambed - Lisa Ballard

The Turkey Cam: A wild bird’s surprise move-in helps people quarantine - Daniel Grossman

Off the Mountain: Strangers build community around a hiker’s sudden collapse - Donald Kollisch

Ode to My Father, Who Worked: Memories of growing up in a land caretaker’s family - Beaumont Sugar

The Dark Sky Where Orion Sleeps: On a high trail, alone with the night - Ken R. Martin

Trail Etiquette 201: A new code for a complicated era - Mike Cherim

Expectations: Bad joints encounter good advice - Elissa Ely

The Edge: A Young mother and her dog face Up to a Ledge - Amanda K. Jaros