Appalachia Summer/Fall 2015

In this issue of Appalachia:

The Rusty Pitons

John Anderson

In New Jersey, evidence of rock climbing 75 years ago

Master of Path Grading

Christine Woodside

An appreciation of J. Rayner Edmands

Back in Time on Katahdin

Howard R. Whitcomb

What happened to the Thoreau Spring plaque?

Where the Trail Ends

Wendy Ungar

A story of losing a friend—and finding a mountain

The Big One

Jia Jung

She forges on alone, up Mount Whitney


W. D. Wetherell

An adventure in situ, learning to fear storms

More Essays

  • Channeling Myron Avery
  • Rethinking Emerson
  • Rehabilitation with a twice-homeless dog

In Every Issue

  • Poems: by leading poets such as Robin Chapman and Wally Swist
  • Accidents: Analysis of incidents in the White Mountains
  • Alpina: A review of international mountaineering expeditions
  • News and Notes
  • Books of Note

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