Appalachia Winter/Spring 2021

In This Issue

Mountains in a Pandemic

The Closed Outdoors: A hiker quarantines in New York City – Derick Lugo

The Vertical Mile: An obsession of repeated climbs – Stephen Kurczy

Eight Weeks on Scudder: Writing from the pandemic at the fringes of the White Mountain National Forest – Sally Manikian

Going Small: A father and daughter do backyard field research – Dan Szczesny

Seasonal Affective Reorder: Which reality is capable of a pause? – Sarah Ruth Bates

Androscoggin Constant: The town belongs to geese and bears – Judi Calhoun

Lockdown in the Alps: All quiet in Chamonix – Doug Mayer

Katahdin: Standing above unsettling thoughts and emotions – Anthony Emerson

The Shaking Trees: In the forest, catching up with Mom by phone – Andrew Jones

There Was No Mountain: But there were memories of shoes – Elissa Ely

Waterman Fund Essay Winner, The Wild Self: What is wild to one is home to another – Lorraine Monteagut

A Teenager Goes Guideless in the Tetons: Part 2 of a climber’s memoir – Steven Jervis

The Women Who Ran Sporting Camps: The making of a tradition in Maine – William Geller

The Hancock Loop Trail, Then and Now: Reflections from one who helped build the trail – Douglass P. Teschner

The Crawford Path in the News: White Mountain history and the communications revolutions – Susan Schibanoff

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