Appalachia Winter/Spring 2015

In this issue of Appalachia:

No River, No Life

  • Save the Colorado: Can recreation rescue a preservation ethic? John Gioia
  • A Wild Ride: Down a beautiful and stressed Western waterway. Lisa Densmore

Waterman Fund Essay Contest Winner

  • The Cage Canyon: “I am holding a piece of the wild in my hands, and she wants nothing to do with me.” Jenny Kelly Wagner

More Essays

  • Breakup at 4,800 Feet: He hiked out, and she didn’t. Elissa Ely
  • Finding Courage in the Mountains’ Shadows: Recovering a climber’s body. Ryan J. Harvey
  • A Few Hundred Deer Went By . . . : Reminiscing about the old sport camps deep in the Maine backcountry. William Geller
  • Old Man Thompson, White Mountain Guide: A mountain was named after him—and then unnamed. Julie Boardman
  • Huts as Classrooms: A memoir by two who inhabited the puckerbrush. John B. Nutter and W. Kent Olson
  • The Great Gulf: Evolution of a Wilderness. David Govatski

In Every Issue

  • Poems: by leading poets such as Robin Chapman and Wally Swist
  • Accidents: Analysis of incidents in the White Mountains
  • Alpina: A review of international mountaineering expeditions
  • News and Notes
  • Books of Note

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