Appalachia Winter/Spring 2022

Since 1876, the Appalachian Mountain Club's journal Appalachia has delivered inspired writing on mountain exploration, ecology, and conservation; news about international mountaineering expeditions; analysis of northeastern mountaineering accidents; and much more.


In This Issue


Crazier River: The Neversink goes rogue in the climate crisis – Hovey Brock

The Bluebird Chronicles: A Catskills romance – Leslie T. Sharpe

The Taconic Controversy: What forces make a range? – John Seward

The Woods Watch: Spotting climate change in the Catskills with longtime locals – Tracy Raczek

The Passing of Northern Pass: Reflections on a nine-year fight that halted a power line through the White Mountains – Kenneth Kimball 

A Day—and 150 Years—in the Nordmarka: Skiing through a Norwegian forest is everyone’s right – Sam Martland

Be Wary of the Hind-Leg Kick: Memories of donkey driving in the Sandwich Notch area of New Hampshire – William Geller

Considering the Heartache of the World: A girl whose mother never came and one who did – Elissa Ely

Light Snow in the Whites: A close call – Rob and Bill Powers 

Waterman Fund Essay Contest Winner: Splitting Clouds at the Edge of the World: How had I never noticed it before? – Jason Mazurowski

The Tourists: Having no memory or relationships in a landscape, they make dangerous mistakes – Hilary Smith