Appalachia Summer/Fall 2020

In This Issue

Unusual Pioneers

The Disappearing Rainbow Mountain: Pilgrims flock to a magical peak in Peru that a melting glacier revealed four years ago · LISA BALLARD

Nepal’s Most Important Non-Climber: Elizabeth Hawley’s unique journalistic pilgrimage · BILL BIERLING

The Class of ’51: Back when few knew about the Appalachian Trail, four men pioneered thru-hiking · MILLS KELLY

The World of Christina: Reflections on the journey home · JUDY BENSON

Braiding, Widening, and Downslope Creep: Trying to restore overly loved trails below Mount Washington · LAURA WATERMAN

Risk and Huntington: What is it that drew him to this mountain? · MICHAEL LEVY

Trailsplaining: In the Sierras, four women disprove unsolicited doubts · DIANNE FALLON

Exploring the Ancient Old North Trail: A 13,000-year-old route along the Rocky Mountain Front · LISA BALLARD

Given to the Winds: A friendship strengthens on Doubletop · DAVID HEALD

Holding Back: Sometimes, advice is not required · ELISSA ELY