Appalachia Summer/Fall 2022

In This Issue:

Do Cell Phones Belong in the Mountains? A 24-mile journey with a 1-year-old suggests a quieter mountain way - Steven Kurczy

Never Lost: On the Pacific Crest Trail before smartphones, a hiker never had to choose - Dan White

Connected and Disconnected - Ian Ramsey

Each Day, a Little Less Phone Use - Ian Ramsey

Digital Disorientation - Douglas Balmain

Why Does No One Climb the Palisades? Just north of New York City, a glacier-exposed cliff tempts a climber - Michael Levy

A Life Lesson in Denali Park: A grizzly bear follows a camper - J. Robert Harris

COVID-19 Exposes a Wilderness Myth: A Long Trail trek is not about retreating from towns and community - Claire Dumont

A Change of Plans on the Cohos Trail: After his mother’s death, a hiker faces why he loves the wild - Walt McLaughlin

Leave a Message: A beep and expectant silence. A kind ranger returns the call - Elissa Ely

Debacle on the Salmon: A rowdy river humbles two foolhardy canoeists - Michael Rouleau

Pondering Graceful Aging on Table Mountain, South Africa: A septuagenarian rock climber reflects on his past and future - Douglass P. Teschner