Appalachia Summer/Fall 2023

Running the River Stupid: Swiftwater Rescue training proves relevant to leading middle schoolers, a teacher discovers - Anna Hager Loome

One New England Thread: An 800-mile bike and kayak trip through the Northeast avoids automobiles - Tom Fagin

The Settling of Lobster Lake: Sporting families built wilderness enclaves in a remote part of Maine - William Geller

"Through the Trance of Silence": Hill walking the history of Glen Coe - Katy Dycus

A Wartime Scar on Canada's Soil: Tragic artifacts on a mountain haunt a hiker - Christopher Johnson

From the White Mountain Huts to the Giant Races: Meet Katie Schide and Hillary Gerardi - Doug Mayer

Mutual Worrying: What the mountains and the pool pavement have in common - Elissa Ely

Happy Birthday from Tuckerman Ravine—? A boulder changes the trajectory of an idyllic hike - John Stifler

Lizard Dreams and Our Same Hearts: Waterman Fund Essay Contest Runner-Up - Liesl Magnus