Appalachia Summer/Fall 2019

Since 1876, the Appalachian Mountain Club's journal Appalachia has delivered inspired writing on mountain exploration, ecology, and conservation; news about international mountaineering expeditions; analysis of northeastern mountaineering accidents; and much more.


Role Reversal in the Mountains: New Perspectives, New Circumstances

AT Redemption - A father at a crossroads takes his kids hiking

Waiting on a Ledge - Time to think, 120 feet off the ground

Fuji-ko - On Japan's Mountain Day, Americans experience Fuji faith

Closing the Circle - Fatherhood rekindles in Franconia Notch

Crawford Path Turns 200

Rebuilding, a Photo Essay

If I Ever Lose My Way - A writer shares what has made Crawford Path a touchstone for her

Friendship - A pessimist ponders her optimistic trail partner

Could He Ascend Farther? - What will Alex Honnold reach for after his free solo of El Capitan?

Searching for Arnica - A yellow-flowered plant goes missing

Not Here, Not Now - The epic of Dan McGinness

A Wrong Turn - Lost in the dark, step by step

Flying with Icarus - A Sunday afternoon church hike takes an unexpected turn

Night Visions - A 15-year-old walks 31.5 miles around the Pemi Loop, alone

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