Appalachia Winter/Spring 2019

In This Issue:
"Working as a Mountaineer in Antarctica: 40 years in the making" - Todd and Donette Swain
"Never Too Late: How not to climb a glaciated peak" - Nicholas Reynolds
"Wild Florida: A woman seeks what lies beyond childhood RV vacations" -Sally Manikian
"Stubborn as a Mule: Distant thunder prompts self-reflection" - Elissa Ely
"Finding an Unforeseen Labrador: From the St. Lawrence to Ungava" - David K. Leff
"On Ceding Control: Motherhood in a pathless landscape" - Emily Mitchell Heidenreich
"My Time is Short: A woodsman shares hidden treasures of the forest with his stepdaughter" - Judi Calhoun
"The Struggle: An injured deer and a dilemma" - Benjamin Alva Polley
"Fall on Big Moose Mountain: A self-rescue on a day hike drives home old safety lessons" - Matt Chabe
"Fear of Rattlesnakes: On the trails of small-time New England poachers" - Christine Woodside

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