White Mountain Guide: A Centennial Retrospective

For 100 years, the AMC White Mountain Guide has led hikers into New Hampshire's White Mountains, a spectacular swath of wilderness located within a day's drive of New York, Boston, and Montreal. In celebration of the Guide's centennial year, this handsome retrospective offers collectors, historians, and avid hikers an in-depth photographic record of the evolution of the "hiker's Bible" over the past century. Black-and-white historic photographs - many of which are published for the first time here - are supplemented by first-hand accounts and bring to life the people behind the Guide, who were planning and building the very trails that they later documented in its earliest editions. Inside you'll find:
  • A visual guide to the White Mountain Guide's evolution over the past century
  • Photos and essays that bring to life the people who not only created the Guide, but also built and mapped many of the earliest trails in the White Mountain National Forest
  • Insight in the history of conservation and recreation in the White Mountains