Appalachia Winter/Spring 2023

In This Issue:

Interviews with Bears: Trailside, near New York City - Margaret Redmond Whitehead

Mama Bear and Me: Sharing inner knowing in a few glances - Katie Baptist

The Thrush Sings Me Home: What is killing the birds of my heart? - Amy Boyd

The Harpy Eaglet: Real encounters with a feathered phantasma - Christina Devin Vojta

Photographing Wildlife: How to capture an image without forsaking a wild animal - Lisa Ballard

Laughter at High Altitude: Encounter with a pair of elands - Daniel Hudon

Waterman Fund Essay Winner: What Climate Models Don’t Show: A scientist’s work on a future forest model can feel personal - Olivia Box

White Mountain Mysteries: A bushwhacker and his brother decode remote place names - William Geller

Day Four: A rescuer’s account of a hiker’s baffling survival - James Mason

Slowing Down: A young naturalist lagging behind a group pulls a stranger into her world - Elissa Ely

Quickwater: New England’s whitewater canoeing heritage - Rick Spedden