Maine Mountain Guide: AMC's Quintessential Guide to the Hiking Trails of Maine, 12th Edition

When hiking and backpacking in Maine, the Appalachian Mountain Club’s Maine Mountain Guide serves as the indispensable resource for any information and advice an outdoorsperson could want. This new 12th edition has seen every trail and statistic fully reviewed and updated, while adding nearly 100 new trails, 30 new mountains, and 6 new in-text maps. Expanded coverage of Baxter State Park, Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument, the 100-Mile Wilderness, and throughout the state means that hikers of all skill levels and experience can find their perfect trek. With suggested hikes, trip-planning and safety information, and included full-color, GPS-rendered pull-out maps, hikers and backpackers simply cannot venture into the backwoods or coastal areas of Maine without this guide.

Inside You'll Find:

 - Six full-color, GIS-based, pull-out topographic maps covering popular trail networks, with trail segment mileage, camping locations, and more, plus 26 in-text maps covering popular hiking areas

 - New LiDAR-based topography including summit elevations and contours

 - Easy-to-follow statistics for every trail, charting cumulative distance, elevation, and time

 - Suggested hikes for all ability levels, with informative at-a-glance icons for easy trip selection