Not Without Peril, Tenth Anniversary Edition

Among the most beautiful and deadly mountains in the world, Mount Washington has challenged adventurers for centuries with its severe weather. From the days when gentlefolk ascended in hoop skirts and wool suits to today's high-tech assaults on wintry summits, this book offers extensive and intimate profiles of people who found trouble on New Hampshire's Presidential Range, from the nineteenth century through the present day.

Recognized by the Boston Globe as one of the 100 Essential New England Books, the first edition garnered commendation from the Banff Mountain book festival for its gripping tales of exploration and tragedy. This tenth-anniversary edition includes a foreword from Mohamed Ellozy, former accidents editor of Appalachia, an afterword from the author offering a personal account of an evening spent at the Mount Washington Observatory while 160-mile-per-hour winds raged outside, an updated chronology of deaths on Mt. Washington, and new historical photos.

Author: Nicholas Howe
Edition: 2009, Tenth Anniversary Edition
ISBN: 978-1-934028-32-2
Publisher: Appalachian Mountain Club

Review from AMC Staff:

"When I first picked up Not Without Peril, I intended to peruse the table of contents and put aside the book for another day... Two hours later I was still entrenched in reading the fascinating stories about the unforgiving weather of the Presidentials and the unfortunate souls who had become its victims."

Kimberly Duncan-Mooney
Former Editorial Manager, AMC Books