Rhode Island Recreation Map & Guide

This brand-new map and guide from the Appalachian Mountain Club, the Northeast’s most trusted source for outdoor recreation, covers the entire state of Rhode Island, pinpointing the best hiking, cycling, and paddling trips. GIS-charted using highly accurate digital data, this durable, waterproof map is ideal for planning trips at home and will endure years of hard use on the trail. With distinct color coding establishing types of land management (federal land, state land, etc.) and a detailed legend identifying amenities at state parks and beyond (hiking, camping, fishing, etc.), this map gives you an immediate overview of the scale and scope of outdoor recreation in the Ocean State.

Features include:

• Descriptions of 30 recommended trips: hiking and nature walks, touring and mountain biking, and flatwater and tidal paddling, all identified by skill level, with distance and time estimates
• Locations of campsites, boat ramps, day-use areas, and more
• Highlighted hiking and biking trails, with trail segment mileage

• Detailed insets on Arcadia Management Area, Big River Management Area, and Block Island

• Before-you-go safety, planning, and packing tips

• Emergency contacts

• Leave No Trace guidelines

• Coverage of the entire state, including driving routes